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Hostels FAQ #1 Why to stay in a hostel?

This is the first of a series of 5 videos and blog posts answering some of the frequent questions made to hostel goers.

Almost everyone who has traveled alone or with a group and decided to stay in a hostel may have heard this question from a family member or acquentance:"Why to stay in a hostel? Many times followed by some afirmation like  "there are so many cheap hotels nowadays" or "why don't you guys rent a house?"

Only those who have lived the experience of staying in a hostel know how it is, and no one better than people who have lived this to answer this question.

To Jana staying in hostels is a matter of keeping her trip in a low budget.

But that's not the only reason "If you are travelling alone is really nice to be able to spend the day with other people, in a hotel you'd not have this opportunity, and in a hostel you meet people with the same mind set, everyone is travelling, alone or in group. So you always have the chance to meet someone with whom you identify a lot and that's a great reason to stay in a hostel".

Check out the video where other travelers answer this same question. Subtitles avaliable.

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