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Hostels FAQ #2 Sharing a room with strangers and men?

People who have never been to a hostel normally act really impressed, in a bad way, when you explain that you are going to share the room with people that you don't know, and many times with men. The idea of sharing a space, that for many people is really intimate, with a stranger is not seen with good eyes for those who have never stayed in a hostel before.

This is the second frequently asked question about hostels, and the answers in the post and video may help those who still reluctant with the idea of staying in hostels, to realize that it's something less scary than it seems and extremely normal.

Jana doesn't mind sharing the room with men "If you don't feel comfortable changing in front of them, you can always go to the bathroom. I was in a room with other two guys and they told me if I wanted to change they would leave the room, I said 'no if I want to change I can leave the room, thats not a problem you don't have to worry'. So I don't mind, they are always really nice people, and I've never been in any situation where I felt uncomfortable or anything like that, so I really don't mind".

Hit play button to watch other travelers answering this same question, don't forget to activate the subtitles. 

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