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Hostels FAQ #5 Something to say to those afraid of hostels?

Better late than never!

In the last part of this FAQ abot hostels I decided to ask about ehat they would have to say to people who are afraid of staying in hostels.

Jana have some difficulty to undestand why people woul be afraid of staying in a hostel "What are they afraid of?. Ok, you're too afraid, if you feel discomfortable, in the city it must be at least one hostel with an all female dorm. And the most important is that you spend the all day out, the time you spend in the hostel is to make contacts with other people, maybe at night".

"I don't know, I really can't imagine why someone would be afraid of staying in a hostel as I've said, if you feel very unsafe, stay in a female dorm, but for sure when you get used to it you will realize that hostels are super chill and will nor worry about it anymore".

Down bellow you can watch  other five travelers giving there advice to those who are afraid of staying in hostels.

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